Michigan Football: 3 Reasons Wolverines will beat the Hoosiers

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Everything is still on the table. Michigan football can still be in contention for the division  if they win out. But first, they’ve got to handle business against Indiana.

Needless to say, Tom Allen and his 2021 Indiana Hoosiers are a disappointment.

This was a team that started the year ranked 17th nationally in pre-season polls and was supposed to challenge not only for the division, but as a dark-horse playoff contender.

Now, standing at 2-6, those dreams are over. Now that this team has nothing to lose, they are on a kamikaze mission to wreck Michigan football‘s season.

When we take a look at the Wolverine vs Hoosier matchups over the tenure of Jim Harbaugh we see a trend. Starting from 2015 to present day, Michigan’s wins include scores of 48-41, 20-10, 27-20, 31-20, and 39-14.

Only one out of those five wins was what could be considered a blowout. Four out of those five teams did not win more than six games that year.

What’s the point in bringing all this up? Are we trying to rile up the worry worts?


But there is a level of anxiety that Wolverine fans should have before this game. Based on past history, that’s healthy.

All of that being said Michigan football should win this game, and now after dropping last week’s battle in East Lansing against the Spartans, there is no margin of error down the stretch.

Here’s our three reasons why they will in fact walk out of Michigan Stadium this Saturday night with a win.

1. The Passing Game Is Hitting Its Stride

Despite the Wolverine offense putting the ball in harms way four times (one interception and three fumbles), and settling for field goals at times they should’ve punched it in the end zone, the Wolverines put up 552 total yards of offense.

The majority of those yards, in fact, 383 of them came through the air.

Led by true freshman breakout star, Andrel Anthony, and a resurgent Cade McNamara, Michigan football finally has a counter to the run game.

What a time to develop that. Because the weakness of the Indiana defense is their secondary.

Attacking the Hoosiers consistently through the air in the same way the Wolverine’s did Michigan State, and reaping success with it will no doubt lead to a Michigan win.

That’s exactly what you and I both should expect to happen and that’s what will happen. And that’s why it’s our first reason we have the Wolverines winning this game.