Michigan Football: Lessons we learned from Michigan State loss

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Red zone offense is what lost Michigan football the game

If there was one area that was the biggest weakness on the team and kept rearing its head time and time again throughout the season, it was the red zone offense.

Listen, we know that Michigan State has an explosive offense. That’s painfully obvious. To expect Michigan’s defense to not give up a ton of points to a team with so many playmakers was not realistic.

Anybody knows that nowadays, even the best defenses can’t contain the best offenses. It’s an offensive world in college football, and the NFL is exactly the same way.

For Michigan football to have any chance of winning the game against MSU though, and for any team to beat an elite offense, the key would be to get as many possessions as possible, and score touchdowns, and not have to settle for field goals.

Well, Michigan settled for one too many field goals.

Out of all of the reasons I listed above, that is the single biggest reason why Michigan football lost. U-M had like 9-12 points in field goals.

If the Wolverines had scored two more touchdowns instead of settling for field goals, they would have won.

If there’s one area that needs to be cleaned up the most, it is that.

For all of the things Cade did right on Saturday, managing the red zone offense was by far his biggest weakness. He needs to be much better down in the red zone moving forward.