Michigan Football: Lessons we learned from Michigan State loss

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Kenneth Walker is a generational talent

It was always going to be a long shot to stop Kenneth Walker. The most Michigan football could’ve done was contain him. To be honest, Michigan held him in check for the majority of the game, but the defense wore down at the end and eventually, broke, instead of bending.

You can’t really blame Michigan’s defense for not being able to stop Walker.

There were a few times when Michigan football had him stopped but he found the smallest possible opening to slip through or he broke multiple tackles and kept on chugging.

Remember, the Wolverines were playing two freshman LB’s and to ask them to try to contain Walker was going to be a long-shot as it was.

Andrel Anthony is going to a be stud

You could see flashes of his potential. You could see flashes of his speed throughout the course of this season. They were very brief but unmistakable.

Andrel Anthony had a major coming-out party against MSU, and it’s a true shame that it had to end in a loss.

Anthony was by far Michigan’s biggest security blanket and equalizer on Saturday whenever MSU scored or had momentum on defense.

The fact that Anthony is only a freshman and still has a lot to get better at should make fans even more excited for the future. Just imagine: Ronnie Bell comes back next season and Anthony takes that next step — Michigan could have a dynamic duo.