Michigan Football: Lessons we learned from Michigan State loss

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The key things we learned about Michigan football from its loss to Michigan State. 

Losing sucks. It really does. Blowing a 30-14 lead is inexcusable, yes, but it doesn’t help when the referees play a big factor in a loss.

It always seems that Michigan football is on the receiving end of these terrible officiating calls and games. Nebraska was the other game this season where Michigan was on the receiving end of a terribly officiated game.

Such is the case for U-M football when it faced its rival MSU on Saturday, October 30th, 2021. People say that around Halloween, spooky and crazy things happen, and that’s definitely an understatement.

I know the fans are sick and tired of losing games they should win, especially to rivals, but a loss is a loss, and Michigan football can still have a great finish to their season.

In case fans need a reminder, OSU also has a loss. They rebounded in a big way, and are probably the favorite still to win the Big Ten East. The point is: just because a team loses one game doesn’t mean it’s all over.

The AP Poll did the Wolverines a great favor by only dropping them three spots. They are ranked #9 right now, and as long as they keep winning, will keep moving up.

The ranking keeps Michigan within striking distance of still being able to do great things this season. There is no more margin for error though. Anyways, here are a few things we learned after Michigan’s unfortunate setback in East Lansing.