Michigan Football: Lee Corso headgear goes for Wolverines

College Gameday is one of college football’s best traditions and Michigan football was featured on Saturday along with Michigan State in East Lansing. 

You know it’s a big game when College Gameday is on the scene and that was the case Saturday morning for Michigan football and Michigan State.

Of course, the ESPN show wasn’t the only one in East Lansing as Fox Big Noon Kickoff is also previewing the game as Fox is actually doing the broadcast.

In one measure, it just feels good to have Michigan football back on this stage. I know that the Wolverines and their fans aren’t satisfied by the 7-0 start.

However, after last season’s 2-4 debacle, Michigan football was able to right the ship pretty quickly. Remember when most of us were hoping this team could scrape together 7-8 wins?

The Wolverines have more than done that and with a win on Saturday, Michigan football can announce itself as a legit contender in the Big Ten and for the playoff.

But Jim Harbaugh needs to win a game like this. When he first became head coach, I remember thinking, it will be nice to have Michigan back on College Gameday, after watching the program without hardly a peep about the Wolverines for a few years.

Harbaugh has gotten Michigan into what I call a College Gameday game quite a few times. But he hasn’t won enough of them. Today that can change.

Will it? Here’s what Lee Corso says will happen on Saturday:


Lee Corso headgear goes Michigan Football

Some fans want Corso to put on the headgear of their team and some don’t. Some think he’s a jinx. So we can debate about whether his pick is a good thing or not.

But it’s all in good fun and it’s wonderful to see Corso back on site with the College Gameday crew especially since he chose the Wolverines to win!