Michigan Football: 5 things we learned in win over Northwestern

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Big Ten refs don’t know what holding is

The officiating was bad in Michigan-Northwestern and no one should be surprised — it’s the Big Ten. The only league with more incompetent officials is the NFL. But I digress.

At any rate, hopefully, some time is spent by Big Ten officials reviewing what a holding call is because there were multiple holds on Aidan Hutchinson so obvious, it’s unbelievable they were missed.

There was one play where a Northwestern offensive tackle had both of his arms wrapped around Hutchinson who was being held and spun, then was held with two hands instead of one.

Of course, there was no call. On another play, Hutchinson batted down a pass after being held from the jump. It was bad and it’s the only reason he was held to 0.5 sack because trust me, he was absolutely dominating the Northwestern offensive line.

But even with all the holding calls, Hutchinson batted down two passes and proved once again he’s one of college football’s truly elite pass rushers.

And if it wasn’t for the holds, which have been an ongoing issue, he’d probably have about 10 sacks right now.