Michigan Football: 5 things we learned from clutch win at Nebraska

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An old problem arises again

Over the years, Michigan football has struggled to defend dual-threat quarterbacks. We said Martinez would be a problem in our predictions and it proved to be true.

The Wolverines did a great job in the first half and while we few people are talking about it, their goalline stand in the first half was huge. Imagine if Nebraska had kicked the field goal? (Yet, announcers couldn’t stop talking about Harbaugh going for two?)

At any rate, Martinez went off in the second half. He threw for 291 yards and ran for 38, plus a touchdown. He also had some key first down runs and actually picked up a first down with about two minutes left before fumbling the ball back to Michigan.

Martinez is one of the best quarterbacks in the Big Ten and there is no shame in allowing points but the Wolverines looked lost at times trying to defend the read-option.

If it wasn’t for the Martinez fumble and him overthrowing a wide-open crossing route, which would have at least meant field goal range on the last drive, the defense might be getting more criticism.

Macdonald’s unit deserves credit and it made enough plays to win, but it shouldn’t allow 29 points in a half, even with a turnover.