Michigan Football: 3 takeaways from exasperating win over Nebraska

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Cade McNamara wasn’t flashy but he prevailed victoriously

Michigan’s leading man said it following the contest, “Michigan teams in the past, since he’s been at Michigan, would have lost this game.” He states a pretty acceptable case that feels relatively viable. Last season’s crew would have surely found a way to lose, but this proves that this is not the 2020 cast of characters that are currently on the roster.

McNamara turned the rock over in the third that gave the Cornhuskers all the fuel it needed to overcome a 13 point deficit. He bounced back though with a drive to put Michigan footbal ahead by four. That didn’t last long as the Huskers retook the edge on the scoreboard. McNamara and his teammates persevered though and swiftly notched things up for crunch time.

Once it became a tie at 29 Michigan’s defense bailed out the offense with a fumble. Adrian Martinez was fighting for extra yards and the whistle never blew so Brad Hawkins took matters into his own hands.

McNamara and the offense got the football back and capped the final drive with a game-clinching field goal to survive and advance to the bye week perfect in the loss column.