Michigan Football: 3 Reasons Wolverines will beat Nebraska

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2. Special Teams are Dominate

Jake Moody just went 3/3 on difficult field goals last week. Punter Brad Robbins consistently flipped the field as well. On top of that, AJ Henning was outstanding as a punt returner. But why do these things from last week matter?

Because that’s how the Wolverines have been performing all season.

For Michigan football to win on the road against Nebraska they will need to take advantage of their special teams opportunities. So far this year, they have.

Field position and points will be key. When you can walk out of the tunnel of Memorial Stadium and depend on a kicker like Jake Moody to get you 3 points when inside the 50-yard line, Brad Robbins to flip the field and pin the opposing offense back, and AJ Henning to produce positive yards while still being able to field the fair catch punts coming his way you’re going to be in a position to win.