Michigan Football: 5 biggest storylines heading into Wisconsin

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Is Josh Gattis a capable play-caller?

For the first three weeks of the season, Michigan Offensive Coordinator Josh Gattis was on point.

He was riding the hot hand with the running game, but doing enough through the air to keep the defenses honest, and best of all — he was creative.

We saw some reverses and end arounds that incorporated pre-snap motion and misdirection, that we had not seen in his first two seasons at the helm running the Michigan offense.

Yet in the second half against Rutgers, all of that creativity vanished.

From repeated unsuccessful runs right up the middle to a lack of downfield passing attempts, it was abysmal and a recipe for disaster that nearly cost them the game.

One of the few times the Wolverines tested the edges of the Rutgers defense in the second half was a 9-yard scamper by Blake Corum in the 4th quarter that left many fans scratching their heads, asking where that had been!?

Josh Gattis and his offense face possibly the best defense they will see all season this weekend.

Will he be able, or willing, to adjust to the Wisconsin defense when it matters most?

It will be very interesting to see.

If he can’t, he may not ever be able to.

This is year three of his tenure at Michigan football and the excuses are gone, it is time to put up or shut up.