Michigan Football: 3 overreactions to the win over Rutgers

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These are the three most absurd overreactions from Michigan football’s slim victory over Rutgers on Saturday. 

Michigan football saved its early-season by escaping at home yesterday over an organized Rutgers crew. It was a story of two halves that left the U-M faithful feeling soaring highs to incredible lows within hours of itself.

However folks want to sling it though, Michigan remains unbeaten as they conjure down the road that stares them right in the face.

1. Michigan’s offense will regroup around J.J. McCarthy.

This is an overreaction that we still don’t know about because we haven’t seen enough of McCarthy yet. Some computer coaches on social media are clamoring for a quarterback change. They have seen all that they need to see from Cade McNamara and believe it is time for a change at the position.

McNamara was pinpoint accurate in the first half, but noticeably ineffective in the second. Perhaps the targeting shot he took from Rutgers defender Julius Turner shook him to the core and made him worse for the wear. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and the offense completely stalled because of that.

The coaches have proven that they have all the faith in the world for McNamara when the game is on the line. That means that McCarthy cannot be ready to be the man that people want him to be. In time he will grow into the budding prospect that everyone expects that he will turn into someday real soon.