Michigan Football: 3 Reasons Wolverines will beat Rutgers

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Syndication: Detroit Free Press
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2. Elite Defense

The Michigan Wolverines have been able to miraculously rebound from the disaster of Don Brown’s twilight years to now sport one of the better defenses in college football.

As we’ve mentioned, Rutgers is on the way up. The Scarlet Knights are better than they have been. But they are not ready to compete with Michigan now.

Isaih Pacheco is one of the few weapons the Rutgers offense can depend on down-by-down, and that bodes well for Michigan. The Scarlet Knights run game will play right into the strength of this Michigan defense — their defensive line.

Aidan Hutchinson has had a great season to date and is already getting early 1st-round NFL draft pick hype. And unlike some previous hyped Wolverine stars, Hutchinson fits the bill.

Add in the fact that other guys like Daxton Hill, Gemon Green, Josh Ross, and a myriad of others have really taken a leap from last year, there’s not a scenario in which this Rutgers offense has a chance in hades to dominate the new look Wolverine-D.