Michigan Football: 3 Reasons Wolverines will beat Rutgers

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This is iteration of Michigan football is arguably the best since 2016. But have the Wolverines improved and grown enough from a close win last season against Rutgers to make sure this game isn’t ever in doubt?

We’ve talked about it ad nauseam. Michigan football is rolling with a capital ‘R’. This team is arguably the best since the near playoff team in 2016 that saw the Wolverines ride as high as No. 3 overall in the nation and fall as far as 10th at the end of the year.

Rutgers though, well, they’re hungry. This isn’t your older brother’s Scarlet Knights. They aren’t back to the glory days Schiano brought his first time around — when he had them ranked perennially in the top 25 nationally and consistently made bowl games.

But, by the same token, this team is so far removed from the disastrous Chris Ash era that once saw them lose 78-0 against an elite Michigan Wolverines squad, that the memory of that dismantling isn’t even called to mind.

The Scarlet Knights aren’t a team to look past anymore, there’s no doubt about it. But this is a game that Michigan should absolutely win, and in fact, it’s a must-win if they have any shot in Hades of realizing their pre-season dreams.

Here are three reasons why the Wolverines will come out victorious.