5 predictions for Michigan Football against Northern Illinois

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NIU has some offensive success

The Huskies are 1-1 in large part because their offense has found some success during the first two weeks of the season although most of it centers on the running game.

Harrison Waylee is averaging over 160 yards per game on the ground and we all know about Lombardi. Yet, the former MSU quarterback hasn’t had that much success throwing the ball. He’s got three touchdowns and three interceptions, while completing just 56 percent of his passes.

The overall talent level at NIU is much lower than Michigan football, so it should be a challenge for the Huskies to create some big plays.

But Michigan did surrender more than four yards per attempt to Western Michigan and just like in that game, I expect much of NIU’s offensive success to come after the game is in doubt.

And because the game might be a little more wide open, due to more passes, hopefully, from the Wolverines, I think Northern Illinois gets over 300 total yards and reaches 20 points.