Michigan Football: J.J. McCarthy makes dazzling throw in spring practice

Michigan football fans haven’t gotten to see much from five-star freshman J.J. McCarthy but we got a look at a stellar throw he made during spring practices Thursday.

There is one name that probably generates more excitement than any other right now among Michigan football fans and that’s J.J. McCarthy, who is the Wolverines five-star quarterback recruit.

McCarthy has long been viewed as the guy who is going to finally turn things around for the Wolverines and this spring has been his first time practicing with the program.

So far, McCarthy has had ups and downs during spring ball, which is to be expected but on Thursday, he reminded fans and observers alike why he shouldn’t be counted out in the race to be Michigan football’s starting QB this fall.

Now, before people get too worked up, I realize it’s just one throw. McCarthy was also quarterbacking the second-team offense against the second-team defense, but still, there’s a lot to like about this.

Fellow freshman Christian Dixon is the wideout that’s able to get down the field to make that play and McCarthy puts the ball on a rope, making exactly the kind of throw the Wolverines have struggled to hit over the years.

Michigan football spring game up next

While the Wolverines won’t be broadcasting their spring game, they are going to hold one on Saturday and it’s not just a controlled practice.

Jim Harbaugh is actually splitting Michigan into two squads and holding a competitive game. It will likely still be controlled and it’s not going to be like an actual game, but it’s better than not holding any type of competitive affair.

I want to see how McCarthy leads the offense for an extended period of time. The same goes for Cade McNamara who is probably the projected starting quarterback as of right now.

This is the closest thing McCary and McNamara will see before live action in the fall and between the two of them, there is just one career start, so the experience is needed.

And to be fair, for every dime dropped by McCarthy on Thursday, there are likely rookie mistakes being made too. That’s all part of the learning process.

Yet, it’s good to see McCarthy flash the kind of arm talent you’d expect to see from a five-star recruit and so far, from a talent perspective, he’s been everything the Wolverines expected.