Michigan Football: Big Ten’s return is confirmed after leak

After it was heard over a hot mic by Nebraska President that the Big Ten was coming back, its been confirmed that Michigan football will play this season.

There still hasn’t been an official announcement by the Big Ten conference. But I’m confident in saying that Michigan football and the rest of the league will be back this fall.

The first big reveal of the day came from Nebraska President Ted Carter, who was doing an interview and didn’t realize he was being picked up by a microphone. Here’s what he said:

“We’re getting ready to announce the Huskers and Big Ten football tonight.”

That obviously made things sound like a sure thing. However, with the Big Ten, we have also learned that it’s hard to trust things.

Who knows if there was even a vote, but Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has been all over this and he just tweeted not long ago that it’s confirmed.

While Potrykus doesn’t necessarily say there was a vote, he does say, “The polls are closed.” Take that what to mean what you will, but to me, that sounds like the decision has been made.

The writing was probably on the wall when teams across the country, including Notre Dame, played football this past weekend.

There was already momentum for a season and that, along with some new medical information has moved the Big Ten in this direction.

Again, there hasn’t been an announcement, but I doubt that Potrykus would tell Wisconsin fans to celebrate unless he had good reason.

There are still plenty of question marks, such as when the schedule will be released? When will it begin? And will the Big Ten be able to take part in the College Football Playoff?

It sounds like we will get an eight-game schedule with the aim of at least having the Big Ten eligible for the playoff. And if the schedule does start in October, there should be much-less NFL-draft related attrition than had the season been in the winter/spring.

The rest of the questions will just have to wait, at least until we finally hear the plan from the Big Ten conference itself.

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With everything that has happened in 2020, I’m not sure I’d do any celebrating just yet. But I believe Big Ten football is coming back and by the end of the day, we should know for sure.