Michigan Football parents to lead protest against Big Ten

The push for a fall season continues this Saturday as the parents of Michigan football players have organized a protest against the Big Ten.

Late last month, a Twitter account was created by the parents of the Michigan football players. Earlier today, they announced an organized protest against the Big Ten in an effort to let the players play.

The tweet welcomes, players, parents, coaches, students, and fans to participate. The protest will be held at the Big House on Saturday, September 5th.

Over the last week, there have been rumblings that the Big Ten may give the fall season another shot with a November start date. This came from ESPN a few days ago:

The Big Ten is discussing Thanksgiving weekend as one of several options to start its football season, sources told ESPN.

An early January start with an eight- or nine-game schedule at indoor venues has generated the most discussion so far, but pushing the season kickoff to around Thanksgiving also is under consideration.

Those rumblings got even louder today when the President of the United States, Donald Trump, tweeted that he had a conversation with Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren about restarting Big Ten Football.

The Big Ten confirmed the meeting with the President and issued the following statement:

My Opinion

As a Michigan fan, I am proud of the Michigan Football parents for organizing this protest. I will not take a side on whether or not I support the cancellation of fall Big Ten football. But I will always support everyone who stands up for what they believe in and what they think is right.

Protesting and making your voice heard is how change happens. And if the players and coaches want to play and feel safe to play, then their voices should be heard.

There’s no denying that the decision was made prematurely, and the decision was made without the input of anyone who would actually be involved.

Do I think this protest could actually work and bring back football? Yes, I do. Other schools are doing similar things and as the players and the coaches continue to become more united, momentum will continue to be on their side for the reinstatement of Big Ten Football.

The waiting game continues. Are we going to see Big Ten football get played in 2020? Your guess is as good as mine.