Michigan Basketball: No, Juwan Howard isn’t going anywhere

Before becoming the main man in Ann Arbor, Juwan Howard interviewed for NBA head coaching positions. Will he leave Michigan basketball for a gig in the NBA?

The Intelligence Community Directive, otherwise known as the ICD, “establishes the Intelligence community (IC) Analytic Standards that govern the production and evaluation of analytic products; articulates the responsibility of intelligence analysts to strive for excellence, integrity, and rigor in their analytic thinking and work practices; and delineates the role of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Analytic Ombuds.”

To sum that up, the Directive is a guide to intelligence analysts; telling them how to best do their job. And within the Directive is a chart that is used when evaluating how likely something is to happen. It starts at “almost no chance” which carries a 1-5% chance of something happening to “almost certainly” which carries a 95-99% chance of an event occurring. To be an intelligence analyst, you must use these terms defined in the ICD. Most likely is not one of those terms, but it could be considered under the very likely category (80-95%).

When David Cobb from CBS sports wrote Dribble Handoff: Which college coach is most likely to be the next to jump to the NBA?  He almost certainly didn’t read the Intelligence Community Directive. If he had, Juwan Howard wouldn’t have made the list.

We know there is almost no chance Howard will be leaving Ann Arbor anytime soon. I wrote about the reasons why in my article Juwan Howard isn’t going anywhere.

I didn’t write that because I had hoped the article would change Juwan Howard’s mind. I wrote it because it’s true and Juwan didn’t need his mind changed.

He is and will continue to be the Michigan basketball coach. And Yet CBS sports writer Kyle Boone still included Juwan in his section of David Cobb’s post.

“Just this week, Howard’s name was brought up as a potential NBA coaching candidate.” Boone wrote. “And while he quickly shot down any speculation, saying he is “not exploring, seeking or listening” to those potential opportunities, who’s to say he won’t in time? Truth is, Howard’s name is going to continue to come up when NBA coaching gigs come open. Before he took the Michigan job, even, he was a candidate for the Cavs and Lakers head coaching vacancies.”

What’s ironic about all of this is in my post, I referenced a Kyle Boon article which quoted Juwan saying he’s not interested.

No one can claim ignorance in all of this. The facts were on the table and completely disregarded. Juwan conquered the NBA as both a player and coach.

There is no reason to go back. He doesn’t need the money, he’s already at his dream job in Ann Arbor, and Juwan is about to coach two of his sons at Crisler until at least 2023; only if his youngest is a one-and-done.

The constant barrage of rumors speculating Michigan coaches will leave for the professional ranks is nothing but clickbait and false analysis written by people who do not know the first thing about analyzing information.

To sum this up, no, he’s not going anywhere.