Michigan Basketball: Analyzing offer to 4-star PG Carter Whitt

Michigan basketball is expanding its recruiting board in 2021 at point guard with an offer to four-star Carter Whitt. Here’s what to make of it.

There have been some interesting things going on with Michigan basketball‘s point guard recruiting in 2021 and the latest was Wednesday’s offer to four-star Carter Whitt.

The offer from head coach Juwan Howard to Whitt comes on the heels of the Wolverines getting a Futurecast pick from Rivals’ Corey Evans for Jalen Warley.

What’s interesting is that if you look at Warley’s profile with Rivals, you will see a prediction for Michigan and Virginia, with the one for the Cavaliers coming from Eric Bossi.

Now, with Bossi’s predictions, there have been questions about it and Chris Balas, who covers Michigan for Rivals said he confirmed ($) it was a mistake. My only question about that, is then why hasn’t Bossi changed it?

The pick by Bossi did come in at 2:11 a.m. So it sounds like it’s not legit. However, Virginia is solidly in the top three along with U-M and Florida State according to Brian Snow of 247 sports ($). So maybe Bossi hasn’t changed cause he still might pick Virginia. Or maybe it’s an oversight.

Either way, the competition for Warley is real and while Michigan basketball is in the mix, it’s going to be a bit before that’s decided.

Michigan’s offer to Whitt

Whitt is a really interesting prospect. He’s 6-foot-3 and ranks 72nd according to the 247 sports composite rankings. Dylan Burkhardt of UMHoops ($) broke down his game and one interesting point is that Whitt’s really effective in using ball screens.

Of all the targets Michigan has offered at point guard, including Warley, Whitt was the most productive at the EYBL in producing points out of screens.

That makes me think Whitt could be a good candidate as a second point guard. Say Michigan adds Warley, I don’t think that would remove them from contention with Whitt.

They sort of have different abilities. Whitt is a pass-first point guard, more in the Zavier Simpson mold. He’s probably a better shooter but he’s not great and he’s not a super explosive athlete, although he can get to the bucket.

With just one point guard this cycle, Juwan would have just Zeb Jackson and the 2021 commit, plus any potential transfers, at point guard.

Back in the day, John Beilein had Trey Burke and Spike Albrecht in the same class and that worked out, so maybe two point guards in 2021 is possible too. Especially if it’s more of a combo guard like Warley and Whitt, who is a true point guard.

The Wolverines need ball handlers and Juwan said he likes using multiple players who can handle and produce out of ball screens.

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I think Whitt and Frankie Collins are the other options behind Warley, along with Jaden Akins, but if the combination is right, I think Michigan basketball would take two point guards.




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