Michigan Football: Top 10 All-Time Wolverine wide receivers

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With so many to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to pick the top 10 all-time Michigan football wide receivers, but it happened. Enjoy.

Michigan football has an extensive history of winning championships, conference titles, and statues not recognized by anyone other than the Wolverines and their opponent.

Sometimes those statues come in the form of the Paul Bunyan trophy or the Golden Jug, and they signify so much more than anyone outside of that specific rivalry could possibly comprehend. The incredibly talented receivers drastically changed many of the outcomes of games on both teams.

There was the Michigan-Michigan State battle in 1991 where Desmond Howard caught two touchdowns and accumulated over 100 yards receiving leading the Wolverines over the Spartans 45-28.

Or when, on Oct. 25, 1991, Desmond broke Anthony Carter’s Big Ten record of 14 touchdown receptions in a season and Michigan still had four games left on the schedule.

You can’t forget about all the wonderful victories brought to the fans by the hard work and dedication of the pass catchers in the winger helmets, which is why this compilation of gifted wide receivers exists, to honor their legacy at the University of Michigan.

There must be a disclaimer before this list is revealed. In the early days of football, wide receivers didn’t exist, they were considered ends, and they lined up with the lineman outside of the tackle. With that said, the men included here will be only those who make up the modern definition or, at least, closest to the most modern interpretation of the position known as wide receiver.