Tom Brady’s departure from Pats will impact Michigan football fans

Former Michigan football quarterback Tom Brady is leaving the New England Patriots and here’s how it will impact Wolverine fans.

The entire world of sports woke up this morning to alerts saying former Michigan football QB Tom Brady would be leaving the Patriots.

It’s terrible news for the collection of Patriots fans around the world, but not so terrible news for anyone who isn’t a Patriots fan. For 20 years, the NFL has been dominated by the duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and it is finally safe to say that we don’t know who will win the AFC East this year.

So how does this have anything to do with Michigan football? First off, if you are a fan of the sport, whether it be college or professional, any news about Tom Brady leaving the team he led during a 20-year dynasty should affect you. Tom Brady is football.

There hasn’t been a more consistent, dominant, and passionate football player than Tom Brady. As Michigan football fans, we need to pay our respects to a man that has completely controlled the game of football for the past 20 years, which leads me to my second reason why Wolverine fans will be affected by Tom Brady’s departure from New England.

Tom Brady played his college football career at the University of Michigan. Even though he wasn’t a Heisman winner or first-round draft pick, Brady still made a name for himself in Maize and Blue.

The Michigan football fans that fell in love with Brady and probably continued to fall in love with him during his 20 years in New England.

The University of Michigan has never had anything against people from Massachusettes. It would be a different story if Brady were drafted to Cleveland or Cincinnati. Get it? Because Cleveland and Cincinnati are in Ohio, and Ohio is where Ohio State is. Gross!

So, thank god he went to New England because Michigan football fans could then follow him during his professional career, becoming life long fans.

To the supporters of Tom Brady that began to love him when he was at the University of Michigan, it would make a lot of sense that you would be affected by Brady’s departure.

Who knows? Maybe after all the years of cheering for Brady, you decided to become a Patriots fan. I wonder how all the Patriots fans are feeling on a day like today? Yea, not so good. I am one of them, and this is my worst nightmare becoming a reality.

The third and final reason why Tom Brady’s departure affects Michigan fans is because of Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh. What do Bill Belichick and Jim Harbaugh have to do with each other? Well, they are both coaches. Belichick clearly wasn’t desperate for Brady to return to the Patriots, so he must have a plan. He must have a plan.

That is what all Michigan football fans have been saying about Jim Harbaugh for the past three years. Brady’s departure puts all the lights on head coach Bill Belichick, just like how all the lights are on Jim Harbaugh for the next season of football.

The Wolverines haven’t fired Harbaugh yet, which means the University of Michigan believes, even without a star quarterback, and a much better roster for the team in the horseshoe, the man in khakis must have a plan on how he can lead it to its first college football playoff.