Michigan Baseball: What a national title would mean at a football school

Simply put, if Michigan baseball won the national championship it would do wonders for the school. Any major sports title will do that. For Michigan, it spotlights the worldwide brand that is the block M to cultures everywhere.

As many are aware Michigan is universally known for its Midwest hungry football fanatics. Now the faithful have something else to focus their fandom onto. The 153rd version of Michigan Baseball has caught supporters of the Maize and Blue nation by storm.

The Wolverines have earned their way to fight for a National Championship on Monday night in Omaha against another Goliath in the Vanderbilt Commodores. It will be the first game in a best-of-three series.

Recruiting Will Blossom

Recruits across the board will have their eyes peeled on this three-game series to see how history reveals itself. Guys like Logan Pollack, Brandon Lawrence, and Ted Burton will gain more attention for committing to Michigan.

Current players like Jordan Brewer and Jordan Nwoguwere originally cut out to play football instead. 2020 recruits include Dylan Stanton, Ryan Zimmer, Trevor Kilinski, and Logan Wood just to name a few. Manager Erik Bakichis already on record for wanting to grow the base nationally. This unforgettable run will accomplish just that by opening up new lanes for the Wolverines to go searching for.

The Money Continues To Reign

Winning also brings in more money to an already wealthy school. Upgrades to Ray Fisher Stadium seem like a no-brainer especially if this becomes a yearly process like football. It only seats 2,800 compared to the 110,000 plus that packs the Big House on Saturdays during the fall.

Expect sales for tickets and merchandise to rise because of this too. This newfound popularity of Michigan Baseball is not just great for baseball, but other sports that don’t receive as much awareness as well.

Program’s Buzz Is Palpable

The reaction to this run has been overwhelming. Every proud Michigan enthusiast can’t stop singing the praises of what they are seeing unfold before them. It makes even a casual fan take notice when a National Championship is up for grabs. It’s truly a magical Michigan moment in time that will never be forgotten as long as time advances.