Michigan Football: 3 biggest overreactions to the Peach Bowl

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Michigan can’t beat Ohio State but it can win big games

One thing that is not fair is constantly moving the goal posts and that has happened a little for Michigan football this season. At the start of the year, if you told me Michigan was going to win 10 games, beat Michigan State and play in the Peach Bowl, I probably would have taken it.

Before the season started, most still viewed Ohio State as a better team. I figured if Michigan would get Shea Patterson to return for 2019, it would be a great chance to beat Ohio State and now that has happened. Michigan also beat three ranked teams in a row during the season.

Wisconsin was down this year and so was Michigan State but those were still big games at the time. The Wolverines didn’t choke. In fact, they blew out the Badgers, Spartans and Nittany Lions. They went 8-1 in the Big Ten and would have been in the Citrus Bowl if not for a win over Penn State.

I get the frustration and the 1-9 record against top-10 teams. But you can’t scoff at how Michigan whipped a Penn State team that was 9-3. The Wolverines issue with big games is really more an issue with Ohio State. Even if Michigan had beaten Florida, the sentiment that this team can’t win on the big stage would still be there.

The truth is that this team can win big games, it just hasn’t proven it can beat Ohio State yet in what is the biggest game of all. That’s a legit criticism but acting like the Wolverines haven’t beaten anybody good this season or the past few years isn’t and using a loss to Florida to justify saying Michigan can’t win big games is silly.