Michigan Football: 3 biggest overreactions to the Peach Bowl

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Michigan football lost 41-15 to Florida in the Peach Bowl Saturday and it caused a lot of fans to freak out. Here are the three biggest overreactions.

There was a really interesting dynamic for Michigan football heading into the Peach Bowl. Many said that the game didn’t matter because it was a meaningless bowl. However, after the Wolverines lost to Florida, lots of Michigan fans lost their minds.

After all, it’s hard to blame Michigan football fans for losing it a little. This was supposed to be their year. Michigan was supposed to conquer Ohio State and the Big Ten. Instead, Michigan dropped its last two games in the worst way.

If you would have told Michigan fans in the week leading up to Ohio State that UM would lose to the Buckeyes by 23 and then Florida by 26 in the bowl game, it would have seemed ridiculous. But that’s what happened.

Now, instead of 2018 being seen as a resurgent season for Michigan football, it was just another year of heartache. That being said, there was plenty of overreacting to the Wolverines defeat Saturday, myself included.

The Wolverines didn’t have three of their best players and four total starters. That doesn’t excuse the loss, it just shows how unimportant the game was in the overall scheme of things. Michigan wouldn’t have gotten gashed in the run game if Rashan Gary and Devin Bush were present. Karan Higdon would have made a difference too.

Keeping that in mind, the Peach Bowl exposed some things on offense and defense that need to be fixed, but here is a look at three things that are just an overreaction plain and simple.