Michigan Football: 5 things we learned from Peach Bowl loss to Florida

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Michigan thinks its better than it is

After getting embarrassed against Ohio State, you would think Michigan football would have done everything it could to avoid the same fate. And while I am not saying the players and coaches haven’t worked hard, it seemed like they learned nothing from the 62-39 loss.

Michigan used the same old conservative offense against a fast and tough Florida defense and it got owned. The Wolverines didn’t even reach 300 yards of total offense. Shea Patterson was picked twice and four times, UM was in Florida territory and failed to get points. UM also ran 30 times for 77 yards.

Jim Harbaugh didn’t consistently throw the ball on early downs until it was 27-10. By then, it was too late. The lack of adjustments on defense was even worse.

Blitzing is great — when it works. But it didn’t work for Michigan. The pass rush didn’t come and when that happens, Don Brown’s defense has no chance. It’s all predicated on pressure and his man-to-man coverage schemes make it easy to pick apart if the quarterback has time.

Michigan runs old-school schemes on both sides of the ball and even though everyone was clamoring for adjustments, nothing changed. That would be fine if Michigan had the players of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia or even Ohio State. The truth is they don’t and it’s time this coaching staff acts accordingly.