Michigan Football: Peach Bowl exposes the overrated Don Brown

(Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images) /

Michigan football got embarrassed in the Peach Bowl and it proved just how overmatched Don Brown and the entire coaching staff is against elite teams.

How many times have we heard about Michigan football and its top-ranked defense this season? More than a person can count. However, anytime Don Brown’s defense faces an elite team or a team with athletes as good as Michigan’s, it completely falls apart.

Michigan football gave up 62 points to Ohio State; 21 points to Notre Dame in the first half and 34 to a Florida team that is anything but an offensive juggernaut. The Gators didn’t just luck into 41 points either, they did everything they wanted and just like in Columbus, Brown had zero answers.

The last touchdown wasn’t Brown’s fault because he can’t help the offense giving up a pick six, but he is definitely to blame for the other 34. His man-to-man schemes need to go. He thinks Lavert Hill and David Long are shutdown corners, well, they aren’t.

When the pass rush is dominating weaker teams, then yes, those guys look good. But against teams with comparable talent and athletes on the outside, Hill, Long and the rest of the secondary get exposed. It happened against the Irish and Buckeyes over and over, yet Brown has got safety Josh Metellus covering the Gators top receiver 1-on-1 on more than one occasion.

Brown also has guys like Tyree Kinnel, Devin Gil and Brandon Watson covering dudes that can run in man-to-man. And time and time again, just like against Ohio State and Notre Dame — they got toasted. But did Brown adjust? No. He never does and if he didn’t adjust after the disaster at Ohio State, you have to wonder if he ever will.

Imagine if Ian Book had started in the season opener. Michigan football probably would have given up 30-40 points to Notre Dame instead of 24. 418 yards allowed against this Florida team wasn’t just disappointing, it was pathetic. Feleipe Franks owned the Wolverines and the Gators pushed around a defense that is easily the country’s most overrated just like its defensive coordinator.

Michigan wasn’t prepared and wasn’t motivated. That, along with a 1980s gameplan doomed UM from the start.

Down 27-13, and with Florida facing a 3rd-and-20, not only did the Wolverines give up a first down, they allowed a 53-yard touchdown to Lamical Perine. The was the dagger but the game was over long before that.

It was over when Michigan decided to use the same old approach that just got it blown out in The Game. The offensive gameplan was way too conservative again because Harbaugh and Pep Hamilton can’t figure out who the best players are or how to use them.

Defensively, Brown must have been lying when he said he studied the Ohio State film because this Florida game was like deja vu. Draws, crosses, deep balls — the same things that kill Michigan against every good team, killed them again.

Sure, Rashan Gary and Devin Bush were missing, but there is enough talent if Brown knew how to use it correctly. Unfortunately, it’s clear that he doesn’t. If beating Wisconsin, Michigan State and Penn State is satisfactory, then there is nothing to worry about.

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But if Michigan wants to win championships, it may need to consider bringing in new coordinators on offense and defense. All I know is that something needs to change before these kinds of losses become even more commonplace.