Michigan Football: 3 things the Wolverines could use for Christmas

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Michigan Football

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Santa Claus came and went on Christmas Eve night and if St. Nick was going to drop off a few things for Michigan football here is what they would be.

It’s Christmas morning and as long as you weren’t on the naughty list, Santa Claus has already delivered your presents and hopefully, you requested things you really wanted or needed.

Christmas lists are always fun and they are sometimes hard and since it’s Christmas Day, it got me thinking if you were to make a Christmas wish list for the Michigan football, what kind of things would be on it?

What do the Wolverines really need? I know what the fans need and that’s a win over Ohio State to start. A Big Ten championship or a spot in the College Football Playoff wouldn’t hurt either.

This past season, Michigan football was incredibly close to making that a reality. In fact, in two of the past three years, the Wolverines have been a playoff contender up until the final week of the regular season before a loss to Ohio State eliminated them.

I know contention isn’t what Michigan fans want. They want to win the Big Ten, beat the Buckeyes and reach that national stage. But considering where the Wolverines were under Hoke, it’s a minor miracle that within two years, Harbaugh was one blown call away from getting Michigan to the Big Ten title game and probably the playoff.

The point is, a new head coach will not be on the list. Harbaugh was the perfect present back around Christmas 2014 and it’s a gift that has kept on giving.

But if the Wolverines could get three things from Santa, here are the top wishes/needs that could make their list.

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