Michigan Football vs Air Force: 3 keys to a Wolverines win

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Michigan football will host the Air Force Academy Saturday and here are three keys to a Wolverines victory.

Before there were RPG games you could play on your phone … way back in the dark ages when some of us played D&D as a board game and you had to have a “Dungeon Master” (yes, a real person, not software) to set up traps worthy of the adventurers who sallied forth to challenge them, there would sometimes come a problem of not enough challenge. The conundrum is explained here.

The problem is basically once your party’s characters have ascended to a certain level it becomes difficult to challenge them … without killing them. Tucker (A noted DM evidently) took the rash action of taking very small, ugly little monsters known as kobolds and giving them a fierce attitude and a nasty disposition. They weren’t really capable of beating the party … 99% of the time. But they were quite capable of making them very miserable.

I guess these kobolds were sorta like UCF for Michigan football last year, Cincinnati last week and the Air Force Academy this Saturday. These scroungy little mutts from Cincy and elsewhere will lie, cheat, bite, steal, etc., whatever it takes to beat you – or at least make life miserable for you in the hopes of making a permanent impression on you. It’s their shot at immortality.

So, this week Air Force comes to town to take on Michigan football – what could go wrong, right? Well, the AFA is a good team. They went 10-3 last year, just like UM did. But Vegas has them as underdogs of about 3.5 TD’s so, like last week, it’s not so much the outcome that’s in doubt as much as it is surviving the encounter and learning something. Covering the betting line will have to take a back seat for now.