Michigan Football: Breaking down the win over the Bearcats

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Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images
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From the players, to the coaches, to the fans, here is a complete breakdown of Michigan football and its win over Cincinnati.

This was an ugly win for Michigan football, no doubt about it. But, I think all the stress during the game makes it uglier. Once it’s over and the Wolverines had a 22 point win it looks an awful lot like Wisconsin’s and Penn St’s wins – on paper, and more to the point – to pollsters.

Michigan football definitely had some “coaching points” in this game – the kinda stuff that Jim Harbaugh just loves. And when that team from down in Columbus loses – life just can’t be that bad, right?

So, we like to do this break down thing in three parts. Last we do outside influences, second we do players who stood out, and first is a section we call: The Team, The Team, The Teams – where we break down the general coaching/systemic goals and execution of the Offense, Defense and Special Teams. So let’s get started with it.

Offense: I really liked the way Michigan had Ty Isaac running the ball hard, early and often. It could be a game plan decision because Cincy had small LB’s and safeties. But I do hope it is something they try to stick with, at least early, for most game plans this season.

Wilton Speight had his share of troubles, that’s for sure. There are times I wish he wasn’t the best we had, but I’m sure he is. That is hard to live with at times.

Overall though, I think this is one our young players can grow from.

Defense: There were good times and bad. The pick sixes were nice. Mike McCray got exploited in space once or twice, this will happen. Young players found themselves out of position here a bit more than the Florida game.

Michigan football was lucky on a couple plays late in the game – we very well could have gotten burned on big plays. I’m sure the coaches will address this. Of course most defenses have a few near misses every week.

Special Teams: Well, my guy, Donovan Peoples Jones aka “The One” he had a little SNAFU with Ben St.Juste and it looks like it got him pulled from PR duties. I hope its temporary. I realize Grant Perry is a very able and strong minded individual and we needed safety and ball security in that situation. I hope Jim Harbaugh does not pull the plug on my guy. I believe this is a war. I think we need to be at our best to win it. I don’t think playing it safe long term will cut it.  What if the prophecy is true?