Posted at 8:00am -- 2/16/2013 Michigan Football: Tidbits from MaizeMan -- J..."/> Posted at 8:00am -- 2/16/2013 Michigan Football: Tidbits from MaizeMan -- J..."/>

Michigan Football: Tidbits from MaizeMan — Just Some Stuff — RR Admitted He Was Wrong Finally — Will Other Sites Do the Same? Doubt It


Posted at 8:00am — 2/16/2013

Michigan Football: Tidbits from MaizeMan — Just Some Stuff — RR Admitted He Was Wrong Finally — Will Other Sites Do the Same? Doubt It

Here is a snip-it from MaizeMan’s post on the message board. To read the entire post you must be a member of GBMWolverine Message Board.

1) About a month to go until the first spring practice. Coaches will start preparing after a much needed vacation. Individual meetings with coaches and players will finish up and players will know exactly where they stand going into the spring. Its been a long time since there will be so much competition. Posters should not assume just because a certain player saw extended playing time a year ago does not mean he will win a spot this year. Especially on defense where Coach Mattison continues to talk about his disappointment in parts of the defenses performance especially late in the season and creating turnovers.

2) Finally, our old buddy RR finally decided to tell the truth when it comes to how he handled Coach Shafer. I wonder where all those who claimed Coach Shafer was a cancer are now? Once again, looks like the reporting on this site was completely accurate. Here is a small sample from that article this past week. Rodriguez needed a coordinator who would be comfortable coaching a staff of strangers. In a business of relationships, filling that job under those conditions is like filling an inside straight. Shafer wasn’t the right card. “A lot of that was my fault,” Rodriguez said last week on the phone from Arizona, where he is starting his second season as head coach. “He’s a very good football coach. … Scott took the blame for things that weren’t his fault. The other [defensive coaches] didn’t know his system. He was a teaching a whole new system to players and coaches. It wasn’t really fair to him.”

Jan 11, 2013; Syracuse, NY, USA; Syracuse Orange head coach Scott Shafer speaks with the media during a press conference at the Iocolano-Petty Football Wing. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY SportsTo read the entire article and post it, please do and see how long it last elsewhere? Scott Shafer finds right fit at Cuse

Rodriguez learned that when you hire a coordinator, you should bring in at least one other coach who knows his system. Shafer learned how long one season can last. The Wolverines went 3-9. They gave up nearly 29 points per game. And shortly after the season ended, Shafer needed a job.

Like previously reported, this group of early freshman have really impressed coaches with their work habits. Not usual in some respects, its new and exciting for those kids. It wears off pretty quick especially the time restraints which is going to be tougher as spring progresses. But Coach Hoke and staff has looked to have not only recruited some pretty good players who happen to be big, but they seem to be kids who long term are going to be good citizens. Sometimes, as we have seen this past week in Alabama, this is important.

Feb. 12, 2013; East Lansing, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines football head coach Brady Hoke and Michigan State Spartans football head coach Mark Dantonio greet each other before a basketball game at Jack Breslin Students Events Center. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports4) When Coach Hoke came to Michigan, his first priority in recruiting was to get bigger and faster especially on both lines. Starting next year, Michigan is going to have a very big team especially up the middle (which includes running back’s) on both sides. Coach Hoke will continue to emphasize getting top lineman, but next year, Michigan now needs to get athletes who can not only get to the edge and stretch the field offensively, but defend the edge which is one of the weaknesses Coach Mattison has discussed.

7) No real big surprises that I have heard from players-coaches meetings, in fact although each player will meet with coaches individually this group actually communicates with players on and ongoing basis. And the main themes, 1) Don’t assume you will have a spot just because you played a year ago and 2) Upperclassman if you get beat out by younger player, don’t pout, because upperclassman will have every opportunity to win the spot and if they don’t, it is either because they did not work hard enough or they simply were not good enough.

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