Posted at 7:00am -- 2/14/2013 Michigan Football Recruiting: Bryan Mone (DT)..."/> Posted at 7:00am -- 2/14/2013 Michigan Football Recruiting: Bryan Mone (DT)..."/>

Michigan Football Recruiting: Bryan Mone (DT) — 2014 Wolverine Verbal Commit — Profile


Posted at 7:00am — 2/14/2013

Michigan Football Recruiting: Bryan Mone (DT) — 2014 Wolverine Verbal Commit — Profile

GBMWolverine Readers: Here is an overview of recent verbal commitment Bryan Mone.

Opening Comments:

Michigan is still looking for more dominating defensive line help, even with the classes of 2012 and 2013. The 4-3 under defense needs inside defensive tackles that can occupy two men, letting quick tackles and defensive end get into the backfield. Michigan may have solved one-half of the future concern with the commitment of massive tackle Bryan Mone. Michigan’s next task almost certainly is to secure an All-American quality defensive rush end that can make everyone on the opposing offense just plain miserable. What makes this commitment somewhat special is the obvious conclusion that Mone has pretty good speed for a guy pushing 320 pounds. Michigan has been seriously recruiting Mone for several months.

Bryan is in Tom Lemming top 100 watch list right now.

Bryan Mone
Height: 6’4
Weight: 315
Number: 52
Current Position: Defensive Line.
Future Position: DT (1 or 3-tech).
City/State: Salt Lake City, Utah
High School: Highland
Head Coach: Brody Benson
Recruiter: Coach Jerry Montgomery and Coach Dan Ferrigno
Committed: 2/12/2013
Top 5 other Offers: Boise State, Mississippi, Oregon, Stanford, and Wisconsin.
Class: 2014 Michigan Wolverine Recruiting Class (Verbal Commit).


24/7: .
MaxPreps: .
Rivals: .
Scout: .

Note: Stars do matter, but are not absolute in predicting success within a football program. So, with that in mind the GBMWolverine Staff has cleverly come up with a new system of ranking. We are using footballs instead of stars, how can one argue against a system that clever? Below are the interpretations of football power predicted way too boldly long before it matters. In other words, we will give informed opinion with the crystal ball and let the players determine what will happen through years of hard work.

Criteria: Raw talent, athleticism, position of need, intangibles.

GBMWolverine Rankings (Very Early / High Up-Side): .

10 footballs: Instant impact player.
9 footballs: Three or four-year starter at a high level.
8 footballs: A starter with all league potential.
7 footballs: A meaningful starter at some time during a career.
6 footballs: A spot starter or special teams player.
5 footballs: Not in the two deep after a two years.
4 footballs: Never made it.
1-3 footballs: See the above.

Side Note:

Remember just as we did during the season with grading positions or groups we are very tough graders and expect a lot out of those positions or players so this is no different here.


Bryan Mone definitely passes the initial look test. He is a big, physical defensive tackle with a frame to play at a solid 320 pounds, or more. He has been a 3-year starter. Bryan could play on either side of the ball, but he is a kid with defensive aptitudes that are at a premium. We think defensive tackle is his likely destination. Bryan has the skill to play either 1 or 3 tech. We have read he can do 8 chins at 300+ pounds and that he is good student.


Size is definitely a strength for Bryan Mone. He also shows surprising agility and quickness for a jumbo athlete. He gets off the ball quickly and plays with an edge. Mone is relentless in pursuit and plays until the whistle. He shows solid club and swim moves, and fights a double team very well. His agility and speed enables Mone to exhibit a good change of direction.

Needs Work / Concerns:

Mone will need to be a bit more consistent with his pad level. He also needs to use his hands better. Film shows that he can get cut, if he punches with his hands earlier that will be less of an issue.

Red-shirt or play his Freshman Year?

GBMWolverine believes he will hopefully red-shirt his first year, but he could be forced into early action. We like to see all offensive linemen and defensive linemen red-shirt if possible.

Bryan Mone reminds the GBMWolverine Staff of a shorter — Former Michigan Football Player — Alan Branch — Defensive Line.

Bottom Line:

On film we have witnessed Mone twist, line up inside on OG’s, and twist outside the OT and still be able to maintain proper leverage on the QB. That is Impressive!

Highlight Videos:

Final Thoughts:

We welcome Bryan Mone to Michigan and hope he has a successful career on and off the football field as a student-athlete at the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

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Written by GBMWolverine Staff — Doc4Blu

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