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Michigan Football: Tidbits From MaizeMan — Something That Bothers Me — Talk about Meyer and SEC Football


Posted at 7:00am — 1/20/2013

Michigan Football: Tidbits From MaizeMan — Something That Bothers Me — Talk about Meyer and SEC Football

Urban Meyer is going to bring a SEC approach to recruiting to the Big 10?

This is the newest excuse Michigan fans now use to describe the reason on whey Michigan cannot compete with Ohio State. To be honest, I simply do not understand this comment. What does that mean? A SEC approach to recruiting? Does that mean kids will be lied to, that kids will be promised playing time, that kids will be paid, that Ohio State will over-sign or over-recruit, or simply let kids go if they do not work out.

Here is the problem I have with those excuses. Readers/Posters must think this type of recruiting is prevalent throughout the SEC and then they must think it solely happens in the SEC.

My approach (and I must admit, I simply do not follow recruiting like I once did) I have come to realization that we are dealing with “different” types of kids today.

January 13, 2013; Columbus, OH, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes head football coach Urban Meyer watches the game against the Michigan Wolverines at Value City Arena. Ohio State won the game 56-53. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY SportsNow we can argue are these kids really “different” and I am comparing them to Bo’s days and my answer would be yes. Kids today are looking for different things with the increase publicity with recruiting sites and magazines, the camps and evaluations these kids go through, the increased access to having games televised all of this has changed the landscape of recruiting, not to mention the change in population and migration to the south.

Having said all that, I still do not see how things are much different than they were between Ohio State and Michigan during Bo’s days. It was rare that Michigan played against Ohio State that Ohio State did not have more talent than Michigan. Bo frequently talked about some of the questionable approaches to recruiting with Ohio State, but that did not stop Bo from expecting to win the game!

We have lost to Ohio State most of the time in the past decade, some may blame Carr’s last years, the RR regime, and now its going to be Urban Meyer and his SEC ways.

January 1, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke prior to the 2013 Outback Bowl against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY SportsBut I think we lose because we simply are not prepared. Plain and simple and we are not prepared at the quarterback position. This to me has been the problem. Our lack of developing quarterback’s to a point where they can compete and perform in big games. Like I have stated in the past, the last quarterback (IMO) that prepared properly was John Navarre. How long has that been?

And when you are not prepared, usually the more talented team wins.

Now don’t get me wrong, the talent gap (IMO) … (now) is not that great, but Ohio State is going to get their portion of stars and they will probably on paper be better than Michigan in most years, but work, preparation, learning how to win in big games that goes a long way to outperform talent.

My Point:
Ohio State is going to be good, SEC stuff or not. Michigan needs to raise the bar on expectations and then demand results (all year round).

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