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GBMWolverine: Michigan Football — Minnesota at Michigan — Predictions


Posted at 6:00am — 9/30/2011

GBMWolverine: Michigan Football — Minnesota at Michigan — Predictions

After reading our predictions for the Minnesota game and battle for the “Little Brown Jug” come to our message board and make your prediction and comment on what you believe will happen Saturday.


Michigan gives Coach Hoke first conference win. And does so convincingly.

Minnesota 14
Michigan 31


Minnesota is up against it. To win Michigan must play with less intensity than the previous weeks and make plenty of turnovers. Minnesota can be had through the air, and even though the preferred Michigan route is the land, Michigan could make some frequent flyer points. The Minnesota defense will be hard pressed to keep Denard from running wild, and if things go well, Michigan may limit some of Denard’s mileage.

If Michigan has the right attitude if will be a rough day for the Gophers.

Minnesota 17
Michigan 42


The battle for the “Little Brown Jug” and Coach Hoke’s first Big Ten game as head coach at Michigan

Will be interesting to see how Minnesota plays this weekend. Coming off a pretty bad loss to South Dakota State along with all the problems that their coach has suffered over the last couple of weeks with his seizures.

They have played well this season such as their first game when they probably should have beaten USC at their place, but they have also struggled quite a bit as well.

Think this game it is more about what Michigan does than anything and what team for Michigan comes out. Like the first half Michigan team that played San Diego State last week or the third quarter Michigan team that struggled to hold onto the ball, move the ball, etc…

For Michigan to be very good this year they must limit their turnovers and also keep drives moving.

Believe this game could be a game where Michigan takes over early and we could see a lot of starters getting a rest in the fourth quarter or at least that is what I am seeing might happen for the game.

This will be Coach Hoke’s second rival game. Realize a lot of people don’t consider this a rival game, but it is for the trophy which is the “Jug”.

Minnesota 13
Michigan 38


Michigan wins.

Mike Fitzpatrick

I’m not so nervous this week. If MarQuies Gray can’t go on Saturday the Gopher offense is in a world of hurt. Gray is a talented runner and so so passer. That said, this should be a team our defense can control.

The Gopher defense has not been able to stop anyone. This should be a game that allows us to work the power running game hard, and get Denard and the passing attack in sync. It might not be a great weather day for slinging the ball around (windy & rainy) but we need to get Denard feeling better about that piece of his game.

Go Blue!

Minnesota 10
Michigan 40


Minnesota 14
Michigan 38


This is a decent team to start the B1G Ten schedule with. Minnesota has some talent sprinkled in on both sides of the ball, but is not a very good program.

I don’t think that the Wolverines will walk away from the Gophers, nor do I feel that Minnesota will be able to stop our offense. The Gophers played USC tough on the road losing 19-17, but has since gotten rolled at home by two FCS schools and has only beaten Miami, Oh. Hard to say which team will show up in A2, especially with a coach battling health issues.

Michigan’s defense looks to be solving some adjustment issues and are playing smarter football. The front seven still has to create more pressure- and with a scrambling, athletic QB (if he plays- he’s questionable) they may get nicked up again, plus Minnesota has been able to run the ball. But, in general, the Michigan defense is making progress. The Gophers have only taken back the Little Brown Jug twice in 25 years (1986, 2005) and will struggle to do it this season.

Minnesota 17
Michigan 37

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