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GBMWolverine: Michigan Football — Eastern Michigan at Michigan — Predictions


Posted at 6:00am — 9/16/2011

GBMWolverine: Michigan Football — Eastern Michigan at Michigan — Predictions

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Eastern Michigan is definitely an improved team.

Will be interesting to see how Michigan comes back after the emotional/sloppy win.

Eastern Michigan 21
Michigan 42


The not so big battle for Washtenaw County is this Saturday.

I am glad to see Coach English come in with two wins. Getting five wins will be quite an accomplishment for Eastern and that is not meant to be derogatory. Coach English was a positive force for what is now called old, old, Michigan.

The primary mystery will be what does Michigan wish to work on most? Frankly about everything in the offense can improve, but it is nice to have an offense that has score about 70 points in less than 9 quarters. Michigan should score often, but even with constant reminders and motivation from the coaches there just may be a flat tire to start the game Saturday. Denard will still be the biggest weapon, but UM staff will almost certainly limit his chance of getting injured. The backs may shuffle back to Vincent Smith and I can see him having a pretty good day. Coach English will have his team intense and prepared, so Michigan needs to jump out early and often to avoid a UMass type of game.

Eastern Michigan 20
Michigan 42


The battle for the county’s bragging rights are on the line this Saturday.

Several former Michigan players are now on the coaching staff for Eastern Michigan under Coach English.

Michigan might have a little bit of a letdown from the very emotional night game against Notre Dame last Saturday. Those games aren’t hard to get up for, but this week’s game is especially after how Michigan came back to win last week.

Think Michigan might have a few bumps in the road early, but they get it together and pull away.

This is the week to get players healthy, rested, along with allowing players who haven’t seen any playing time or very little see some time in front of the home crowd.

Think Michigan will try and force the running game this week and get some running backs a lot of carries.

Nice to see Eastern Michigan 2-0, but it is a very poor 2-0 against the teams they played.

Eastern Michigan 13
Michigan 47


Michigan Wins big

Mike Fitzpatrick

Michigan wins.


Eastern Michigan 10
Michigan 42


Not much to say about this match-up.

This appears to be a layup, but it won’t be for at least one half. Michigan is coming down from a terrific, emotional high and may have a hard time getting up for this game. EMU is terrible… there is no other way to put it.

Maybe our defense can get some confidence stopping someone (Woolfolk is so banged up I doubt that he’ll play much) and maybe our running game outside of D-Rob can make some progress. It would be nice to give Gardner some playing time also.

Eastern Michigan 13
Michigan 38

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