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GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — Notre Dame at Michigan — Grade Card


Posted at 6:00am — 9/13/2011

GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — Notre Dame at Michigan — Grade Card

Again, here is our grading scale, simple but typical, intended to provide a general summary judgment based on specific instances collectively observed.

A = Great – everything went well, execution was very notable.
B = Good – success was achieved but nothing was exemplary.
C = Average/Okay – a normal day with ups and downs.
D = Poor/Need Help – a clear weakness, obvious problems.
F = Hope and Pray for a great recruiting class at that position.

An Overview of the Michigan-Notre Game

Some would say aesthetically this was absolutely ugly game, a combined eight turnovers and terrible fundamentals by both teams at games end. Michigan will gladly take the “W”. It was an absolutely great atmosphere under the lights at the “Big House” with a record-breaking crowd and one of the best endings ever inside Michigan Stadium.

If the end of that game did not excite you nothing will and you might as well turn in your Michigan card. The game on TV with the crowd had to not only excite Michigan fans, but also recruits who indeed took notice watching the game in person or on the television.

You can bet that ESPN/ABC will communicate to Michigan that anytime the university wants to have a night game please let them know. Regardless of what some say about the Notre Dame Michigan game (unranked teams), the game had to be a moneymaker for the television networks. The game was a huge success and look for night games to be a regular part of the schedule from here on out.

The biggest problem with the night game was the traffic afterwards, with everybody trying to leave in the dark all at one time.


450+ yards of offense, generated by big plays and only 16 1st downs backs this up. After a very slow start, Michigan ended with 35 points and a great finish.

This grade could have been a lot lower if not for the fourth quarter and the comeback.

Grade B-


Denard Robinson had 122 yards rushing, but was only 11-24 passing with 3 interceptions. Some of his passes were flat out ugly. He had several throws nowhere near the receiver, but he also had several balls that were dropped, sometimes receivers gave up on the route, etc.

Got to give his performance two grades and separate the quarters.

C- for 1st 3 quarters, A+ for 4th quarter

Running Backs:

Thirteen yards rushing and 2 receptions. Not much more you can say but pitiful

Grade: D (perhaps charitable)

Offensive Line:

135 yards rushing and Denard Robinson ran for his life most of the first half.

This group sucked it up and got job done at the end. Thankfully “TD Jesus” Notre Dame stopped stunting and blitzing.

Grade: C-


Only 9 catches, but for a whooping 300+ yards and 3 touchdowns.

Grade B+


The defense gave up over 500 yards of offense and looked like a home-run giving defense at times. Causing four turnovers saved the day and kept the score close enough for a comeback in the second half. This is certainly not near a great defense yet, but better than we have seen in the past.

The Michigan offense didn’t help the defense in the first half with so many three and outs and not successfully establishing a running game early to allow the defense to catch its breathe and make adjustments.

Grade: C-

Defensive Line:

Got pushed around at times especially in the first half and was literally driven off the ball. Notre Dame had 200+ yards rushing. Thank “TD Jesus” again when Notre Dame stopped running the ball. There were no sacks as well for this group.

Grade: D+


This group did not provide much help in coverage or tackling in space. Demens was his usual self against the run, solid, and there were a couple of good rushes off the blitz.

Grade: C-

Defensive Backs:

Marvin Robinson and Jordan Kovacs were solid vs. the run. Too many wide-open receivers and how do you completely blow a coverage in the prevent defense in the final two minutes.

Floyd is a very good receiver, but the Michigan defenders made him look like a top five draft pick Saturday night. If he gets drafted in the top 10 in the next NFL Draft he should thank the defenders at Michigan because his highlight tape is going to be impressive.

Grade: C-

Special teams:

The only saving grace was Notre Dame was even more inapt than UM.

The kickoff coverage didn’t get any better this week, especially in the second half.

Got to give Gibbons credit this week for hitting all his extra points, but hopefully we don’t have to congratulate a kicker for doing something that should be routine for a kicker and not a surprise at Michigan.

Grade D+

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