Posted at 6:00am -- 8/22/2011 GBMWolverine: Coach's Corner -- Michigan..."/> Posted at 6:00am -- 8/22/2011 GBMWolverine: Coach's Corner -- Michigan..."/>

GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — Offense — Plenty of Questions and Some Potential Answers — Part IV of IV


Posted at 6:00am — 8/22/2011

GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — Offense — Plenty of Questions and Some Potential Answers — Part IV of IV

The receivers are next and as stated the group is reasonably talented, albeit not very big and with no true blazer on the outside. Stonum is now out of the conversation and this time-out in his life is more of a great opportunity to refocus, start over and grab a leadership role next spring.

Hemingway is a really good receiver and he is another Wolverine that must avoid injuries. His role will be to provide a vertical threat (yes, probably limited) and break off the intermediate routes and use his body to make big catches to keep drives alive. He can run routes well and shield effectively.

Roundtree faces the same obstacle as this time last year: he is the best downfield slot on the team but may be used out of need on the outside. The easy answer is Roundtree will probably do both duties. He remains one of the best possession receivers in the conference.

The true slots probably must adapt the most to the new system. The West Coast is flexible and more of a philosophy than a true set offense. As such slots can do it all from quick swings, to set screens, to downfield routes.

Finally, to conclude here is a discussion about Michigan’s most valuable offensive option, one Denard Robinson. His success this year will be parallel to Michigan’s overall offensive production. There will be times UM needs to get it done on 3rd and 1, etc., but most plays will revolve around either Denard’s ability as a quarterback or at the very least the threat for him to run.

Coach Borges knows very well the talent he has in Denard. The strategy is simple: develop Denard’s talents that lead to success in the West Coast (timing patterns, accuracy, avoiding mistakes, ad pocket presence) and intelligently use his rare athletic ability.

By focusing on the pocket, Denard can grow as a passing quarterback and also keep the ability to scramble. Borges will almost certainly have in play selected plays in the spread and wildcat playbook for key times during a game. Borges will not ignore the big strike potential of Denard, but it is clear, the day of thirty run games has expired.

It will be hard to measure last year’s offense against this year’s version. The stats from last year were skewed from easy high scoring wins and a triple overtime game that piled up the numbers. Fans can expect an effort for more control: control of the clock, control of the line of scrimmage, and control of the clock to help the defense. If the offense can achieve control, the team outlook is bright. But control of a football game is desired by all, so the battle is engaged. Let us hope there are enough knights on the board to jump around and help in the quest for control.

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