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GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — Greg Brown — Spring Evaluations


Posted at 6:00am — 6/21/2011

GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — Greg Brown — Spring Evaluations

GBMWolverine Football Spring Evaluations: Position-by-Position — Player Profile.

GBMWolverine readers: Here is a brief overview of Greg Brown and GBMWolverine’s analysis concerning his progress this spring with the new system.

Note: We will not evaluate every player on the team and with this position group (Corner-backs) we will not evaluate #12 J.T. Floyd (was held out of spring practice), #24 Cullen Christian (who left the team after spring practices this year), #29 Troy Woolfolk (was held out of spring practice) , and #38 Al Backey. If you would like to chat about these players bring them up on the message board, in chat on Monday nights, or send us an e-mail request.

Coming in: #35 Greg Brown (already on campus), Blake Countess, Delonte Hollowell, Raymon Taylor, and Tamani Carter.

Losing: #17 Tony Anderson, and #29 Troy Woolfolk.

Greg Brown
Height: 5’10
Weight: 180
Number: 35
Position: Corner-back
Year: Freshman (came in early)
City/State: Fremont, Ohio
High School: Fremont Ross


Greg is another pleasant surprise who seemed to get better and better as the spring went along.

Coming in early will always benefit a player, but in Greg’s case we believe his early time will have the final result of giving him a leg up on the other Michigan defensive back freshman coming in this fall. Greg has already been through spring practice with the coaches, has taken classes, he should be comfortable with his surroundings and knows the expectations of being a student-athlete at Michigan.


Greg showed very good quickness and enough speed to be a factor in 2011. He seemed to pick up things at a normal pace and did not appear to be intimidated or in awe of where he was and what he was doing. On the contrary, he competed and passed the initial eyeball test.

Needs Work:

He does need to add some weight and get stronger, which almost every single freshman coming into major college football needs to do.

Contributing This Year?

Yes, we believe Greg will see some playing time, but again we say how much time may depend on how J.T. Floyd and Troy Woolfolk come back from injury and their eventual playing destination.

Greg’s playing time could be very limited this year, but we expect no red-shirt season. One reason is the depth at defensive back and another is that young, fast players frequently find a way on to special team units.

Final Thoughts:

We have seen Greg Brown play multiple times throughout his high school career at Fremont Ross and his performance this spring exceeded our expectations. Our original eyeball was as a result of watching some very good sophomore play.

Once his junior year arrived, expectations skyrocketed and many people were calling him the “next” Woodson.

His senior year was a little disappointing from the defensive side of the ball. He had a pretty good year as a receiver, though, and showed very high athletic ability on the offensive side of the ball.

He was moved to a safety position to help his team out and try and be more productive, or active, in the defense. Playing cornerback in high school means that most teams will just stay away from that side of the ball if the opponent determines a high caliber player is present. Things can get a little lethargic in such cases.

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