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GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — Tony Anderson — Spring Evaluations


Posted at 6:00am — 6/20/2011

GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — Tony Anderson — Spring Evaluations

GBMWolverine Football Spring Evaluations: Position-by-Position — Player Profile.

GBMWolverine readers: Here is a brief overview of Tony Anderson and GBMWolverine’s analysis concerning his progress this spring with the new system.

Note: We will not evaluate every player on the team and with this position group (Corner-backs) we will not evaluate #12 J.T. Floyd (was held out of spring practice), #24 Cullen Christian (who left the team after spring practices this year), #29 Troy Woolfolk (was held out of spring practice) , and #38 Al Backey. If you would like to chat about these players bring them up on the message board, in chat on Monday nights, or send us an e-mail request.

Coming in: #35 Greg Brown (already on campus), Blake Countess, Delonte Hollowell, Raymon Taylor, and Tamani Carter.

Losing: #17 Tony Anderson, and #29 Troy Woolfolk.

Tony Anderson
Height: 5’11
Weight: 192
Number: 17
Position: Corner-back
Year: 5th year Senior
City/State: Redondo Beach, California
High School: Redondo Union


Tony Anderson was a pleasant surprise this spring to the staff of GBMWolverine and likely many others as well. Although many football followers hate to see the word walk-on associated with playing time, the truth is Tony played well above his walk-on status.


Tony displayed an aggressive, fearless attitude and solid skills, including being in the right place. His size is sufficient for any corner. Frankly the phrase that fits is not bad, not bad at all.

Needs Work:

Like most walk-on’s, Tony has limitations that need to be worked on, but when a hard working senior is in the starting rotation how can anyone complain. It certainly is not his fault. Speed and movement are just okay, as is over all athletic ability, but Tony is seizing his final chance for some playing time with hunger.

Contributing This Year?

We believe Tony will see some playing time, but again, a with the other defensive backs, how much time might depend on how J.T. Floyd and Troy Woolfolk come back from injury and where their eventual playing destination is.

Also, special teams could well be a place where we may see Tony contributing to the 2011 Wolverine team.

Final Thoughts:

Anytime a walk-on is in the starting rotation one has to applaud the determination the effort, the tenacity. Things change but if the season had started May 1, Tony would have played more than many of the scholarship players. Draw your own conclusion as to the positive and negative implications.

Tony is the type of player coaches want in a program, not only because he can help with depth issues, but also he can be a motivational tool for the Michigan coaches to demonstrate to the scholarship players that anyone, no matter the status, or star ranking, wins a spot through open and fair competition. As a result, every player has an opportunity, and certainly Tony appreciates his more than the typical scholarship player. He has worked hard, persevered, and never folded his tent and gave up in the face of competition.

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