Posted at 6:00am -- 5/30/2011 GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question -- Michigan Fo..."/> Posted at 6:00am -- 5/30/2011 GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question -- Michigan Fo..."/>

GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question — Michigan Football Recruiting — Defensive Recruiting, when will we see Offensive Commits


Posted at 6:00am — 5/30/2011

GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question — Michigan Football Recruiting — Defensive Recruiting, when will we see Offensive Commits

Hey guys,

Like most of us, I love the commits we have so far, especially the defensive recruiting.

I realize that, or at least it seems, you guys are defensive-minded and I am sure you are loving the defensive recruiting that is taking place currently, but my question is when do you think we will see the shift towards the offensive side of the ball, especially the skilled players positions that many are starting to complain about?

No, I am not getting worried, or anything, but I am wondering if you guys think it will take some time and events such as summer camps, watching Michigan games this fall for recruits to see how the offense is run and the opportunity for the skilled players to commit or play?

Do you believe the recruits are just taking their time since it is early in the recruiting process?

Thanks guys for all you do!

Jerry S.


GBMWolverine Response:

First off, the offense has not been ignored, but the skill players are currently missing, we will agree with you on that observation at this point in time.

Michigan has received commitments from a couple of offensive linemen and a couple of tight ends, one of which could easily grow into an offensive tackle. Keep in mind these guys were juniors when they committed.

If you look at Michigan’s main target areas under Coach Hoke, Ohio and Michigan, these states are loaded with high quality defensive players.

Add to the above that the top three running backs in Ohio were already committed to Ohio State or leaning heavily to Penn State.

These conditions set up a scenario where filling defensive players and offensive line needs just happened to be easier.

Michigan is working hard on a top Ohio wide receiver and the Wolverines have a great shot with the top wide receiver in Michigan, if he gets everything in order as far as his high school grades go.

Michigan has a shot at a blue chip 2012 quarterback, which might be a slim shot, but still, getting serious consideration from this quality of player before the recruits have even seen the team take one snap at Michigan is pretty impressive.

Michigan has received a commitment from a 2013 quarterback, so as a result the Wolverines can be selective this year. Shane Morris looks to be one of those special players who will be ranked very high on the recruiting sites.

We understand it is tough to be patient, but many of the top skill players like to wait until late in the process, especially when they haven’t seen the offense with their own eyes and see how they will truly fit into the new offense at Michigan.

As of right now Coach Hoke and his staff have put the time and effort in, not only with the recruits, but also the high school coaches as well, and that will pay off in the long run. This staff has shown great recruiting effort and again we say the team has not even taken a snap of the ball yet. But the Wolverines are kicking Michigan State’s butt on the recruiting trail right now regarding the in-state recruits, and they are also knocking down the door, or at least loudly rapping, for Ohio’s top elite players.

Getting players to visit Michigan that would normally be locks, or virtually committed to Ohio State, is something we hope to see continue no matter if the Wolverines strike out on some of these players.

Coach Carr, later on in his career, kind of gave up on the state of Ohio, because of losing so many battles and only receiving the commitments from players that were diehard Michigan fans. Rich Rodriguez didn’t really compete for the elite players that Ohio State wanted or offered.

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