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GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — John McColgan — Spring Evaluations


Posted at 6:00am — 5/5/2011

GBMWolverine: Coach’s Corner — Michigan Football — John McColgan — Spring Evaluations

GBMWolverine Football Spring Evaluations: Position by Position — Player Profile.

GBMWolverine readers: Here is a brief overview of John McColgan and GBMWolverine’s analysis concerning his progress this spring with the new system.

Note: We will not evaluate every player on the team and with this position group (running backs) we will not evaluate #14 Teric Jones (injury), #18 Jihad Rasheed, and #32 O’Neil Swanson. If you would like to chat about these players bring them up on the message board, in chat on Monday nights or send us an e-mail request.

Coming in: Thomas Rawls (Flint Northern) and Justice Hayes (Grand Blanc) at the running back position this fall.

Losing: Michael Shaw, and John McColgan.

John McColgan
Height: 6’1
Weight: 231
Number: 49
Position: Fullback
Year: 5th year Senior
City/State: Saginaw, Michigan
High School: Nouvel Catholic


He is that old-school fullback that every program, or most programs, would love to have on their team.


John always gives his all.

We expect John to be the starting fullback, but we do not expect him to get many attempts carrying the ball.

John has shown this spring his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and this might be an option come fall time in this offense.

He said he came back this year because of the change of the offense and the fullback being a factor, whether it be blocking, catching, or running the ball, he just wants to be out there helping his team.

John is a typical fullback, one that loves to drill linebackers and can be counted on to make a key block when needed.

Needs Work:

Well, of course, he is what he is, so you are not going getting a speed burner.

John is not going to get many, if any, carries, so if he does get an opportunity he needs to capitalize on it.

Contributing This Year?

Yes, with only one true fullback on the roster John is most likely going to be the blocking fullback. He will help the more powerful running style this offense wants to showcase and help develop a toughness for not only this offense, but also the team.

Final Thoughts:

John McColgan might not be the most athletic or fastest player on the team, but fans have to love his attitude, his effort, and everything he brings to the team on a daily basis.

John will not ever receive the recognition of being a great runner, but he will give you everything he has and should serve as a motivation example for every player to give a 100% effort every time they step on the field.

John is the type of player that will do whatever the coaches want from him. He will likely be on special teams and certainly has the mentality to sprint down the field and hit an opponent.

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