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GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question — Michigan Football — Impressions So Far


Posted at 6:00am — 4/5/2011

GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question — Michigan Football — Impressions So Far

I believe you guys have stated you have been to both Ohio State and Michigan State practices. So what are the differences or similarities with the Michigan football program now that Coach Hoke has taken over the program?

Does it seem like Michigan is closer now to the two programs mentioned above and others the GBMWolverine group might have seen compared to how RR ran his program?

What has impressed you the most under this new coaching staff so far?

Kathy G.


GBMWolverine Response:

What has impressed us the most, first and foremost, is the amount of work the new coaching staff has put into recruiting. All Michigan fans have to remember that the new staff came into the current situation late. As a result the coaches did double duty by re-recruiting the current players to stick around as sell as doing the usual mad rush of the final month of recruiting to finish out the 2011 recruiting class. Further, the new staff had to immediately start recruiting 2012 recruits and clearly targeted hitting the Midwest hard and then branching out to other areas as needed. We have gotten a lot of positive feedback from many area coaches on the new coaching staff and the “new recruiting philosophy and methodology.”

The effort this staff has undertaken to build (or rebuild) relationships with high school coaches in Michigan and Ohio (in our opinion) is long over due and at least at the initial outset of the venture appears to be well grounded in both execution and philosophy.

We have been informed from many area high school coaches who have stated Michigan has been in contact, in some form, with individual high school staffs several times since the current coaches arrived in Ann Arbor. In short, the effort is clear and visible regarding getting back into the good graces of local coaches. Building relationships with local coaches certainly helps to get recruits on campus.

We are also impressed with the emphasis on teaching fundamentals and physical nature of spring practices. And it should be noted that the teaching is sound, not just window dressing or a stated goal that goes without fulfillment. This emphasis, at the current stage of the Michigan program, is critical and frankly overdue. The coaching staff members are all on the same page and seem to be sending the same message — they want tough, physical, hard hitting practices, along with teaching the players the proper techniques and fundamentals that have been lacking.

From our experience practices under Coach Hoke and staff are very similar to those at Ohio State and Michigan State. There is the same emphasis on fundamentals and teaching and the same type of special sessions geared to key rivals as well.

Of course, some of this stuff doesn’t matter unless it translates to on the field success in the fall, so that will be the true test for the coaching staff.

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