Mailbag question: Six former players sign Free Agent contracts.


Posted at 8:00am — 5/7/2010

Mailbag question: Six former players sign Free Agent contracts.


Thanks for taking my other questions about the Michigan football players in the NFL draft, but this time I would like to know about the Michigan football players who signed free agent contract.

Six former players signed contracts: Donovan Warren (Jets), Greg Mathews (Bears), Brandon Minor (Bears), Mark Ortmann (Panthers), David Moosman (Cardinals), and Carlos Brown (Saints).

I realize this is a lot tougher to gauge and you might not know the rosters of the teams they play on, but do you think they will make their NFL roster and where they might fit in or be able to hang on in the NFL.

Thanks again guys!!

Tim S.


There is a theory that players are better off signing as free agents than being late picks. Signing as a free agent allows players to shop their talents and pick an organization that best fits their skills and has a need at their position.

Carlos Brown:
We really like Carlos Brown to the New Orleans Saints. In our opinion his combination of speed and ability to catch the football makes him a perfect fit for the Saints offense. His problem will be the same as when he played at Michigan, can he remain healthy? If he does, we think he has a shot at making at least the practice squad. Brown can also double as a return-man, and special teams are always a great way for free agents to make a squad.

Brandon Minor:
His problem is identical to C. Brown’s, staying healthy. If Brandon can achieve this, he has the talent to play in the league. The good news is that the Bears do use a power running game that fits Brandon’s style.

Donovan Warren:
His terrible 40-yard time cost him being drafted. Prior to that he was projected as a day two, late 2nd or 3rd round pick. If he can pick up his time, he has an excellent shot at sticking.

David Moosman:
His biggest chip is his versatility. Being able to play both offensive guard and offensive center is a bonus. Experience at using the shotgun snap is also a plus. Our concern would be a lack of size to play the interior line positions. St. Louis being less than stellar on the line should help David’s cause. We think his lack of size could be tough to overcome. But David is very smart and a noted scholar, some organizations value such a quality more than others. Still, can David move people at the NFL level?

Mark Ortmann:
Left tackles are always at a premium. We are just not sure Mark has the feet or quickness to handle the speedy edge rushers of the NFL. His lack of great size will also hurt his chances of moving into the interior line positions. In our opinion we think he has an uphill battle.

Greg Mathews:
Greg definitely has the size and hands to make a roster. He also has experience catching punts and this will be a plus. We are just not sure he has the skills necessary to gain separation.

Written by GBMW Staff

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