Mailbag question: Ratings


Posted at 8:00am — 5/6/2010

Mailbag question: Ratings

How would you access Ohio State’s Football team, as far as positions, compared to Michigan?

Eric S.


Thanks for the question.

Ohio State vs. Michigan

Pryor is an outstanding athlete and a potential #1 round pick in the NFL. Michigan has three potentially good quarterbacks, with Devin Gardner having a chance at being special.

Advantage- Ohio State, with Michigan having superior depth. The advantage here is earned because there is only one Pryor type athlete in the country at the present time, and he plays for Ohio State.

Running Backs:
Michigan showed in the spring three running backs that have a chance to get the majority of carries. Ohio State returns all three running backs from last season, and all three can run for over 100 yards in a given game.

Advantage- Ohio State, but by a large amount.

Tight Ends:
Michigan has three superior athletes playing the position; Ohio State has one superior athlete and a big body who is a great blocker.

Advantage- Michigan

Wide Receivers:
Michigan has two good slot receivers and a third who could also be special. Ohio State has a nice stable of good split ends.

Call this one a push; Michigan has an advantage at slots and Ohio State the advantage at wide receiver. Ohio State can get the ball down the field for the big play to the wideouts.

Offensive Linemen:
This position group is not a strength of either program at this point. Both programs have the very real possibility of being very good down the road, maybe even sooner than later.

Advantage- Ohio State today, but the Michigan linemen have a very high ceiling and a chance to catch up and go past their counterparts.

Defensive Line:
Ohio State’s front four has a chance to be special, Heywood could be a top-pick in the draft. The defensive tackle depth could be better but the starters are solid. Michigan has a very good nose tackle and not much of a pass rush.

Advantage- Ohio State

In our opinion it has been Ohio State’s superior play at linebacker and safety that has lead to their advantage over Michigan in the Coach Tressel era. It does not change this season.

Advantage- Ohio State, big-time

It was no accident that the only year Michigan beat Ohio State in the Coach Tressel era was when Ohio State lost Nickey. Ohio State again has to replace two safeties. Michigan is again very young and inexperienced at safety. Ohio State is moving three players back to safety to try and make up for graduation. Remember, this is a team that signs up to four safeties a year, so the cupboard is far from bare.

Currently this is a push, talent and coaching will determine whether one group leaps ahead of the other.

Michigan has two solid starters at cornerback, as does Ohio State. The difference is Ohio State has superior depth. A team needs at least three premium cornerbacks.

Advantage- Ohio State

Both teams are struggling at punter this spring, but both will work it out likely by Big Ten time. The placekicking is a clear advantage, over the long haul, for OSU.

Advantage-This tree needs to shake in the wind a little before an advantage is claimed, same with the return units, where both teams have very skilled talent.

Written by GBMW Staff

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