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I really enjoyed the post about the current state of the Michigan program. However, it brought up one question that I raised in the comments of a previous post. That question is about getting out a ton of offers early. It appears that we are sending out early offers to many, many prospects both highly regarded and not highly regarded. The commitment from Kinard was especially troublesome to me because, from his video, he seems like a major project without great technique or speed, and a middle 3-star type. Wouldn’t this be the type of kid we offer later in the process?

In addition, we are filling up at receiver rather quickly with, again, not-so-highly regarded guys like DJ Williamson. Won’t this deter better prospects at receiver from committing if they see that we have four receivers committed already? Is it customary to offer guys early from feeder schools to which we have loyalty? Why is the coaching staff doing this and why do you guys like the fact that we’ve offered so many kids?




Thanks for the question and comments.

We will never base our opinions on star ratings, they mean little to us. We go completely off what we see in person, on film, or based on opinions of individuals we trust and respect.

The split end recruiting has been very interesting. Michigan has taken some lesser knowns early which could very well hurt with some of the supers who commit late.

The thing is none of us know how Michigan has these guys rated on their board, nor necessarily why the staff has ranked them that way. Since the beginning, we’ve liked Florida’s split end Shaw a ton, but if Michigan taking four early split ends hurts his recruitment that would raise concerns.

As for Kinard, he is indicative to how Coach Rod and staff are recruiting defensively. They are focusing on very good athletes who can run and have a defensive mentality. This type of recruiting carries some extra risk, but it also carries the potential for very high reward.

We agree that it can take longer for this type of recruiting to show progress. Teaching players new positions can take longer. One thing to remember is that this time last year we were complaining big-time about the defensive recruiting. Thus far, they have recruited more defensive ends and made more offers to those positions than they did all of last year. We’re pleased that defensive recruiting is picking up.

Michigan fans used to complain about schools that would offer everybody, but it looks like Michigan is getting more involved in that same recruiting trend. It could pay off for them if those higher rated kids actually take notice, but the one problem is if the kids lower on your recruiting board commit to your program early it might take a spot that a higher ranked recruit could have filled later in the year. Football recruiting is getting earlier and earlier and starting to resemble basketball recruiting.

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