Michigan Basketball: Not pretty, but we will take it


Michigan Basketball: Not pretty, but we’ll take it

The big question: can Michigan bring the same intensity and game they showed in the first thirty minutes against Clemson on Thursday, against Oklahoma on Saturday?

Oklahoma is going to be a tough game with all the weapons they have, but Michigan can pull out a victory. They need to keep hitting shots from the outside. Manny has to do what he did against Clemson: taking shots, driving to the hoop, and driving and dishing the ball. DeShawn Sims HAS to play better. He has to step up his game, especially since he’s going up against one of the best players in college basketball — Blake Griffin.

The bench played well, putting in key minutes, not only resting the starters, but keeping up the pressure on Clemson, making things happen.

I wonder if they can repeat their performance on Saturday. It is going to take one of their best efforts to beat Oklahoma. Does this team have what it takes to play two good games in a row on the national stage?

As one of the thirty-two teams left, Michigan has shown they belong. With nothing to lose, they should be able to go out Saturday and leave it all on the floor.

Going into this game, I was thinking whatever happens I will be happy with because this team has gone above and beyond most peoples’ expectations this year. When they were up sixteen, I was more nervous then ever because it seemed too easy. As we’ve seen throughout the year, winning big is too easy a way for this team. Then it got close and I kept thinking this would be a terrible way to lose in the first tournament game, and then later, I was thinking, Boy, I’ll be pissed if we lose now after the way we played.

So going into the Oklahoma game, whatever happens, happens. Oklahoma, as the number two see, should win the game so the pressure is on them. Michigan has nothing to lose.

This season, Michigan has played well when they know they’re up against a great team, so I feel this team will be ready to play Saturday. Also, as I said earlier in the week, if Michigan gets past Clemson, I believe they have a better chance to beat Oklahoma because of Beilein’s system and the fact that the two teams have never met. I believe this system is a lot tougher to prepare for during a tournament.

I’m not going to predict a win on Saturday, but I not ashamed to say I feel cautiously optimistic about the game. Three things have to happen for Michigan to win, the same three things they’ve needed to win all year long:

1) DeShawn Sims has to show up and have a great game.
2) Ditto for Manny Harris.
3) Michigan must hit shots from the outside.

When these three things occur, Michigan can hang with anybody.

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