Mailbag question: Michigan Basketball — Who has Michigan offered in 2010?


Who are the top basketball prospects that Michigan is looking at in 2010, and has Michigan offered any of them?

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Right now, I believe the only 2010 basketball recruits that have been officially offered is Ray McCallum (MI), Casey Prather (TN), Will Regan (NY) and Trey Ziegler (MI). There might be a couple more, or ones that they are really looking hard at right now, but they might be waiting till after the season, or for when they can see the kids in person — on recruiting visit at the summer camps.

I’m not sure who they are targeting, but with possibly only two scholarships available, Coach Beilein will be very selective. Of course, you can probably say three for sure since Manny Harris will possibly leave after his junior year, but they also might still try to go after another 2009 recruit if they can find the right player.

I, personally, have not really followed too much of the 2010 basketball recruiting yet, except for when they get a commit, but when the basketball season is over (hopefully after they are selected to the “Big Dance”) I’ll find out more.

It seems like recruiting is getting earlier and earlier each year. At this time of year, I am more interested in what is happening with the basketball team — right now! Also, I’m more focused on the upcoming spring football practices. Once the season is over and the basketball camps come around, I’ll get more into basketball recruiting, touch base with my sources, and pass on what I learn. Hopefully, this will tide you over until then.

One thing to keep in mind now that Michigan has beat Minnesota and is looking good for the Big Dance is that more kids are going to notice the turnaround and what Coach Beilein is telling these kids.

Other programs (such as Michigan State) will not be able to keep up the negative recruiting of Michigan, especially if they make the NCAA tournament. They have been beating down Michigan for a long time telling kids “you do not want to go there because they are not winning” and “you do not want to go there because their facilities are lacking.” Well, that all might have been true in the past, but it’s getting outdated. We’re ahead of where I thought we would be at this time.

I was hoping for a NIT run in ’08-’09 season and a NCAA tournament run in the ’09-’10 season. When they beat UCLA and Duke the expectations rose quickly and the goals changed, to making the “Big Dance”. Also, new Michigan Basketball facilities are on the way, for the men and women, and from the rumors we have heard, they are going to be among the nicest in the Big Ten, if not the best.

So, recruiting is only going to get better for Michigan from here on out. The Michigan coaches — all of them — and the players deserve all the praise they have gotten this year. we wish them the best and hopef all their hard work pays of for them in the NCAA tournament.

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