Michigan Hockey Tidbits: Michigan beat Ferris State and news


Saturday night, the game at Yost Ice Arena will be Senior Night. One special senior who’ll be back is Mark Mitera who made his return Friday night against Ferris State to help Michigan beat the bulldogs 6-1. Bryan Hogan also had an impressive game on Friday with 22 saves.

Michigan faces Ferris State Saturday night to finish the regular season at Yost. The game will be televised on CBSC.

Coach Berenson and Mark Mitera quotes from MGoBlue.com:

Michigan Head Coach Red Berenson —

Opening comment… “We knew the first period would be important. To score the first goal and take the lead again and have a two-goal lead after one period was huge. I thought our penalty killing held up and [FSU] put good pressure on us. For the most part we got good goalkeeping, we got balanced scoring — we had goals from several lines. Overall, it was a good road effort. Ferris is a tough team and this is a tough place to play. I don’t think it was a 6-1 game, but I feel good about the game.”

On the first period… “I thought it was a good start. When you score on the second shift of the game, obviously, that’s a big goal. You’re talking about a sold out, little arena here, but still when they get going — and I’ve been here when they’ve gotten going and last year’s game didn’t end up well and their crowd was in it big time. They never really got in it tonight.”

On the return of Mark Mitera… “It was great to have Mitera in the locker room, great to have him on the bench and great to have him on the ice. He made his presence felt — I knew he would. We had a good feeling for him. It’s good to have him come back and win that first game.”

U-M Defenseman Mark Mitera —

On playing in his first game since Oct. 10, 2008… “I felt pretty good out there. I think the first couple of shifts were a little shaky — I felt a little out of place out there getting back to game speed. Other than that I felt pretty good for the rest of the game.”

On his emotion heading out for the pregame warmup… “It was definitely great. I think that’s the first time I’ve worn the blue jersey this year, so it’s kind of exciting to get back out there, be in the locker room with all the guys, get back into warmups and then the game. It was great.”
On what he needs to improve upon… “I think it’s just confidence. I noticed I started backing off the blue line a little too early when I should have stayed up.

It will take a little while to get my mindset back into those situations where I feel confident holding the blue line, stepping up on a guy. Little things like that I need to get back, but it will take a little time I think.”

On his overall play tonight… “It was a good night for me personally. I think I ended up even (plus/minus), so that’s always a good thing — my first game back I was a little nervous. Other than that, the team had a good effort. It’s great to be back and be a part of it.”

On how he feels stamina-wise… “I feel good. I almost feel better than after a practice when the coaches are skating you a little bit harder, a little bit longer.”

Also in the news this week, the Michigan hockey program has been asked to participate in an outdoor hockey event Wisconsin next season (February 6, 2010) at Camp Randall stadium which seats 80,321!

They are trying to break the previous record set at Spartan stadium when Michigan and Michigan State had the “Cold War” where 74,644 fans attended the game back in 2001.

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