Michigan Football Tidbits: Position Group — Safeties — Part 1 of 3


Michigan Football Tidbits: Position Group — Safeties — Part 1 of 3


S. Brown:

A favorite target for some fans, S. Brown usually brings criticism upon himself. However, going into 2009, Michigan fans better hope we see a huge improvement in S. Brown. Why? Because as of right now, he is our only true safety on the roster. He is by far our fastest player and is penciled in to play safety.

A year ago, S. Brown was the MVP of the defense in spring practices and everyone was expecting a breakout season. Then the Utah game hit, and very early in the game Michigan gave up a touchdown because of a missed tackle by Brown.

Throughout his career at Michigan, nobody has questioned his athletic ability, although at times S. Brown actually looks slow. The reason may be because he has had a huge confidence issue and at times seems to play scared.

This is going to be his biggest hurdle to overcome. Although he’s a favorite to be a starter in 2009, coaches are going to give him a very short leash. He either shows signs of being able to play in tough situations or they give someone else a chance. It’s put-up or shut-up time for S. Brown.

B. Smith

We hate to put a ton of pressure on him, but coaches are very excited about his potential and think he has the ability to be a special player at safety.

Some believe he eventually ends up at linebacker, but as of now, from what we have heard, there are no plans for that that. He will be given every opportunity to win the safety spot.

Smith will add a much-needed physical presence, but he is going to have show that he can defend against the pass. Before Smith was injured in the fall, he was impressive in pass coverage except for occasional lapses.

The simpler Coach Robinson can make our pass coverages the better for Smith. At least early on, the defensive coaches will be very patient with Smith. It is critical for Michigan that he succeeds.

Another note: B. Smith has also become one of the coachs’ favorites to host incoming recruits. He has a very upbeat personality and kids gravitate toward him. He could be a possible future leader of our defense.

M. Williams:

Not the fastest or biggest safety in the world and spent most of 2008 playing outside linebacker, but Williams is a very smart player, though not a game-breaker, he does not make a ton of mistakes.

More importantly, he is not afraid to hit someone and usually executes when he has to tackle someone. Williams may be that “fall back” player in the safety battle, which means hat he may be the player coaches look to if our more athletic safeties just aren’t cutting it.

For Michigan’s sake, let us hope Williams actually becomes the #3 player at safety. He is very versatile and can play either position

>>> (Tomorrow we will be talking about the Safeties — Part 2 of 3. Incoming freshmen and players who might play either safety or linebacker.)
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