Posted at 6:00am -- 12/21/2007 Michigan Football: Mailbag Question -- About..."/> Posted at 6:00am -- 12/21/2007 Michigan Football: Mailbag Question -- About..."/>

Michigan Football: Mailbag Question — About the New Field-House Facility


Posted at 6:00am — 12/21/2007

Michigan Football: Mailbag Question — About the New Field-House Facility


I see the facilities the players at West Virginia have at their disposal, how does Michigan’s compare at this now and when the renovations are completed, will we be in line with other top university’s S&C programs?

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GBMWolverine Response:

Currently Michigan facilities are not as updated as West Virginia’s. They are not even close to other top programs currently. West Virginia just did huge upgrade as did Ohio State and it shows.

Will they be line with other top programs when finished? IMO, Coach Rod probably would not have taken job unless he had some sort of guarantees that Michigan facilities would be on par with the best. Both Coach Rod and Mike Barwis are aware of importance of having updated, top-notch facilities in attracting and developing players.

As previously mentioned, Michigan is probably 10-15 years behind Ohio State right now in this category.

Will they catch up or at least be able to compete closer with them after the new Multipurpose Indoor Field House is built? Who knows we do not really know what it is going to look like “inside” and do not know what is going to be all in it.

Oosterbaan Field House was constructed in 1981 and was one of the first indoor practice facilities in the country. However, due to its size limitations, the existing field house presents challenge for the practice of football indoors. The limited dimensions make full-scale football scrimmaging and kicking practice difficult. Space limitations also make it inadequate for many other teams sports.

Oosterbaan Field house is located adjacent to Schembechler Hall on State Street. The building is used by Michigan football, baseball, softball, field hockey, men’s soccer and women’s soccer for indoor practices. This facility is also used by the University’s intramural and club sports.

Featuring a complete Field turf field, the enclosed practice and playing area provides year-round training and development opportunities. Oosterbaan Field house, features two end line filming stations, a climate-controlled playing/spectating environment and sideline seating for 500 people. The building is joined to Schembechler Hall which houses state-of-the-art athletic training and weight rooms.

The athletic department is proposing a new multipurpose field house to be constructed parallel to Oosterbaan Field House to the north. The new building will consist of an additional 117,160 square feet. It will include a regulation football field and 18,000 square feet of support/storage space. An in-fill artificial turf surface will cover the football field and adjacent sidelines. The expanded multipurpose facilities will continue to serve the needs of the Intercollegiate and Recreational Sports programs.

They broke ground a few weeks ago on this project so time will tell.

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