Posted at 6:00am -- 12/18/2007 Michigan Football: Coach's Corner -- Co..."/> Posted at 6:00am -- 12/18/2007 Michigan Football: Coach's Corner -- Co..."/>

Michigan Football: Coach’s Corner — Coach Rod Offense and How it might work at Michigan


Posted at 6:00am — 12/18/2007

Michigan Football: Coach’s Corner — Coach Rod Offense and How it might work at Michigan

Coach Rich Rodriguez version of spread sometimes called spread read-option differs with other versions because it emphasis running the football.

As most of you already know Coach Rod tells the story of spread option or QB read option being developed by total accident by the QB forgot to hand off one day in practice and the coaches huddled and like what they saw.

How QB read works are QB takes snap out of gun he extends his arms fully holding ball out and he puts ball into the pocket and reads the DE and If DE comes down he pulls the ball out and runs himself. If DE stays home QB simply hands ball off to RB who in theory goes for TD. Coach Rod and Thickett always say if the play is blocked properly and read right, you cannot stop it.

This package is run out gun, and can have three or four WR’s, and one or two RB’s. It does change anything in the read, steps, or techniques. Key to play is for QB to react to defense and him must read the DE and never take his eye off the defense. There is also a naked pass, or QB keep off the look. There is an option, a boot and other play action passes. Beauty is most of the passing routes do not change run the play action or straight drop back. They are also reads based on reacting to what defense gives or does.

Coach Rod also uses two other running packages one being the outside series. It includes a sweep, speed option and reverse. This package, IMO is perfect fit for personnel Michigan has a now. Key to this offense is your skill peoples and Michigan has the skill players to make this work. Also has the inside running attack. This includes an inside zone and zone trap. Again IMO, this is package Michigan could excel at. Michigan has the people it succeeds here both packages have play action schemes to go with them and counters and misdirections.

One of Coach Rod’s true strengths are his ability to correlate the running game with the passing game. To the back 7, every play looks the same and this freezes or at least slows the defense down and allows for more space to operate in. Coach R-Rod’s passing game is heavy on play action and using running game to set it up, but is not above using passing game to set run when necessary. He uses a wide variety of screen, WR and RB and uses many of the standard crossing, circle and other spread pass schemes.

Huge part of what Coach Rod does on offense takes superior S&C. His offense includes no huddle, and setting a very fast pace. No huddle and quick pace keeps defenses from being able to make personnel changes and helps wear a defense down.

We will have more later.

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